Defend it, or Lower It.

It would be great to see those white southerners trotting out with pictures of Black Confederate soldiers. If they are very effective, the Jew run fake news media will black it out. If its a mild to moderate protest, then it will be a demonization attack on not only Mississippians but all whites in general. The Jews have no respect for the truth, in fact, they live in fear of it. They know only dam well what will happen when they are completely exposed. Why else would the state of Israel lay claim to the “Sampson Option” when no other state in the world, of which I am aware, holds a similar option. To this day, I still think that the Stuxnet virus is the cause of Fukushima and the reason why Germany immediately took their nuclear reactors off line. I.e. both Germany and Japan recognized the Palestinians as being a state. The last time I looked into this, the Stuxnet virus had its point of origin in Israel. The Reich Was Right!!!

The Roper Report

In yet another sign that the former Confederate states of the deep south are being taken over politically by black interests and regimes, the Mississippi state flag, the last to bear part of the Confederate battle flag as its emblem, is being challenged in court again, accused of being a symbol of racism and White Supremacy. Don’t worry, though, plenty of White southerners will trot out pictures of black Confederates and insist that there’s nothing racist about it at all.

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