What is a Black Sky event?

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Later this month, electric energy providers and transmitters will be engaging in a nationwide exercise to simulate their response to a catastrophic, coast to coast power blackout. Through cyberterrorism or EMP attack, our power grid could collapse, leaving America without electricity for months. Shipments of fuel for automobiles and deliveries of food and everything else to grocery and department stores would grind to a halt. There would be riots, looting, starvation, and social collapse. Law and order would be limited to local governments. The thin veneer of civilization would be stripped away. The United States would be ripe for secession, balkanization, and civil war, with the Federal government rendered unable to stop it. Are you as excited as I am?

Vasilinda: Black Sky event inevitable. We must prepare.

by Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda

From the Tallahassee Democrat

Saber rattling from North Korea and the specter of cyber attacks from our enemies…

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Hurry Up And Wait

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The daily struggles and the mundane details of Civil War soldier life allow us to relate to (and learn from) these men across a span of 150 years.

The risk of falling ill was highest for new recruits, with each passing year in service affording growing immunity. Common viruses and infections included typhoid fever, malaria, pneumonia, tuberculosis, pox (both small and chicken), scarlet fever, measles, mumps and whooping cough.

Camp provided a soldier’s first test of survival, especially for men from rural precincts. A Civil War-era encampment was not known for its wide-open spaces and fresh air. It took little time for an army to alter a landscape by the sheer mass of its presence. Verdant pastures became a muddy mess in no time under the feet of thousands of soldiers and horses. With little understanding of sanitation, camps were notoriously nasty abodes; lice were rampant, and dysentery, often caused…

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The Roper Report

by Brett Stevens

From Amerika.org

Pat Buchanan writes about the inevitability of an American breakup:

As President Donald Trump flew off for August at his Jersey club, there came word that Special Counsel Robert Mueller III had impaneled a grand jury and subpoenas were going out to Trump family and campaign associates.

The jurors will be drawn from a pool of citizens in a city Hillary Clinton swept with 91 percent of the vote. Trump got 4 percent.

Whatever indictments Mueller wants, Mueller gets.

In other words, the Left has finalized its attack: they seek to remove Donald Trump through whatever means they can, none of which will be really legal but with a lapdog media, who will know? Instead this will be another shadowy incident where the people in power destroyed anything which came to change their comfortable parasitic relationship.

As Buchanan points out, democracy always ends this…

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When the tail wags the dog

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As recently reported, over 90% of young Whites would never have sex outside of their race, and 75% of them don’t even socialize virtually with nonWhites. So, why do they accept leaders and spokespersons who do both? Shouldn’t those who call themselves leaders and spokespersons be held to a HIGHER standard than their constituents, and set a positive, radical flank effect encouraging example for others to follow?

75% Of White Americans Discuss Important Matters With 100% White Friend Group

by Brett Stevens

According to a new survey, when it comes to serious matters, three-quarters of white Americans discuss those matters with a friend group that is 100% white. As the survey relates:

Among white Americans, 91% of people comprising their social networks are also white, while five percent are identified as some other race. Among black Americans, 83% of people in their social networks are composed of people who…

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What is the “Deep State”?

The Roper Report

Does a Deep State exist in the United States?

To answer that, we must first understand what a deep state is.

The term comes from a radical criticism by the left about how deep the capitalist state can go – how networked it is, from the military industrial complex to all the features of the modern, Hegelian/Hobbesian state.

A deep state can exist in a democracy which lacks control over government economic, military and intelligence organizations. Such secrecy is destructive to a democracy that is supposed to be under an elected civilian political leadership.

When government organizations can implement operations in secrecy without public oversight, they are effectively circumventing a democracy.

Does this exist in the United States? Let’s look at some historical events today.

Some of us may remember COINTELPRO. The FBI began COINTELPRO—short for Counterintelligence Program—in 1956 to disrupt the activities of the Communist Party of the United…

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Horror as teenager stabbed repeatedly by gang of thugs in London park

Stop White Genocide.

POLICE are appealing for witnessses after a teenager was stabbed repeatedly by an armed gang in a park in south London.

PUBLISHED: 22:14, Thu, Jul 27, 2017 


The victim was found stabbed near the entrance of Norbury Park in Courtlands Avenue

The 18-year-old victim suffered stab wounds to his back, hand and arm during the unprovoked attack in Norbury Park.

One of the attackers is believed to have been carrying a hand gun which he used to hit the victim.

The victim required surgery due to the injuries he sustained.

Detective Inspector David Willis, from Croydon CID, said: “This appears to have been a totally unprovoked attack. While attacks like this are thankfully rare, they are devastating to the victims and the consequences can be terrible.

“I would urge anyone who has any information to contact police; your call could prevent another attack or even save…

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